Palestine Gardens is a Sinokrot Holding (SH) company specialized in producing high quality Medjoul dates. Established in 2007, Palestine Gardens is an extension to the thirty five year legacy of SH benefiting from its experience and success in the global market. 

Palestine Gardens seeks to deliver high-end agricultural products to international and local markets, such as our premium date brands Qamar (Moon), and Sahara Crown.

We are the leading exporter of dates in Palestine, playing a major role in increasing the share of Palestinian agricultural products in global markets. Our reach entailed over 20 countries and our aim is to promote our produce in new markets through partners who are strong leading businesses in their countries.

At Palestine Gardens we have the largest and most technically advanced packing center for dates, vegetables, and herbs with a total building are of over 4,200 sq.m. Our freezing facility is also the largest in Palestine. 

Quality Assurance is Palestine Gardens’ unique strength, and its the heart of our business.