Since its establishment in 1982, Sinokrot Holding (SH) has been dedicated to enhancing Palestinian living standard, building a sustainable Palestinian economy, and growing to compete in the global market. SH focuses its investments on sectors within the Palestinian economy that have a potential for growth and competitiveness, including: food and agro-industries, agriculture, tourism, information technology and trade distribution. Our companies at SH have created thousands of job opportunities all around Palestine, employing over 500 permanent employees and 300 seasonal workers coming from 75 different cities and villages, thus providing for over 5,000 members of our Palestinian community.

As a pioneering business group in Palestine, with notable professional relationships with both the Palestinian National Authority (PA) and organizations within the private sector, we follow sound judgment and transparency in all of our partnerships. Our strategic partnerships distinguish our group of companies and provide us with the strength and confidence to continue our professional and social development. We are proud to support community organizations working in the fields of education, care, youth, entrepreneurship and sports. We also support the development of a national Palestinian economic identity through our imports and exports from/to over 30 countries in regional and international markets.